Born to Write Inspirational Talk

Me in Nazareth House grounds

From humble beginnings to published author is the story of myself, Suzanne Lambert, the first baby to be handed over to the nuns at Nazareth House Orphanage.  In 1955 they did not take babies so I was given to Nancy, the nanny, in the nursery, to look after until I could be adopted.  Nancy quickly grew to love me and spent the next 16 years living in fear of me being taken from her.  She was my mother in every single sense of the word and I loved her dearly.

The story is both tear-jerking and unforgettable and my books tell the stories of the children and staff living in the orphanage and my remarkable mother, Nancy, who dedicated her entire life to care for, and love, the vulnerable and needy children of the North East.

However, I was born with a burn to write which diminished as the years went by believing I was not clever enough.  At five years old I heard the words, ‘she’s one of those from the home, another one that will never amount to anything.’  These are words I never forgot and carried with me my whole life.

My story is full of humour yet extremely emotional as I take you through the ups and downs of being an adopted child, the love I had for my mother Nancy and the mixed emotions on finally meeting my birth mother.  Being held in her arms for the first time is a precious memory I will never forget and always treasure.

I was the average child nobody expected to succeed and I want to share my story to encourage others to never give up and listen to their hearts when it has something important to say.

At the age of 58 I published my first book with Penguin Random House.  Since then I have published two more and am busy writing my fourth.  In my story I will tell you exactly how that happened.  Finally, for the first time in my life I have begun to believe in myself and quieten the whispers I heard all those years ago.

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and if you would like to invite me to come along and give my talk I can be contacted on or on Facebook/Linkedin.








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